Why Use a Realtor When Buying New?

The Realtor will be your eyes and ears during construction. Let’s imagine your back north and your agent sends you pictures of your home being built (yes I go out and take the pictures and don’t rely on the builders representative) and something just doesn’t look right. I will go out and personally check, measure or do whatever is needed. The Realtor will be able to compare different communities in the area for you, give insight. We will be able to help with giving you options of different insurance agencies and mortgage companies. The Realtors on occasions will hear about price increases or incentives before the general public.

We are lucky in Venice in that the developers of the larger developments have earned a very good reputation and it shows in their communities. They enjoy a very positive working relationship with Realtors and appreciate the help we provide. Just remember, most of these developers require the Realtor to bring you and introduce you the first time.