Private vs. Semi-Private

Private golf clubs are clubs that restrict play to members and their guests. Typically a member must accompany guests. This could be a little more expensive since they limit play. The golf course and other club amenities (pool, restaurant, etc…) are closed to the public. Most private clubs do an excellent job of building a strong community, offering multiple golf events (tournaments, weekly matches, etc…) as well as social events (brunches , holiday parties, etc…) for their members to enjoy.

Semi-Private clubs sell memberships, but also allow non-members to book tee times and play. So a semi-private course combines elements of a private club with elements of a public golf course. Members generally have priority access to tee-times (usually they can make them far in advance of when the public can make them). Like Private clubs, most Semi-Private courses offer several members only tournaments, weekly leagues, etc…

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